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My background

 Kiernan Joseph Timoney was born to Beth and Brendan on April 13, 2000. After only 16 short years, this vibrant, sweet, and funny teenager returned home to God suddenly on March 20, 2017. He was a loving brother and friend to his siblings, Conor and Jaclyn. He attended Council Rock High School where he would have been starting his senior year.  He enjoyed track, especially pole-vaulting; he also loved participating in Civil War reenactments with his family. However, the things people will always remember most about Kiernan are his smile and his kindness.
       Kiernan had a heart of gold and always looked out for his friends and family. His kindness is his legacy and will continue to be so for years to come. In honor of his time with us, Kiernan’s Kindness has been established in his memory.

My causes

Kiernan’s Kindness will build a home for a family in need in Nicaragua. This home will be a lasting reminder to his family of the kindness he always showed others. Please visit us at https://www.gofundme.com/KiernansHouse       to help us with this project.

My involvement

Our family and friends are traveling to Nicaragua spring of 2018 to dedicate a home in Kiernan's name to a deserving family.

Snow Day

Dear Friends and Family,

 Your kindness will never be forgotten! I was in bed sound asleep, it had snow during the night and Kiernan had received the phone call that school was to be canceled. At 7:00 am he quietly went downstairs packed a bucket of snow, Woke up his  sister to videotape and proceeded to dump it on my head. This was the Kiernan that we all love, and adored. Hence he will always be referred to as “OUR BUG 


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